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Introducing Microsoft 365 F1

M365 F1

Microsoft 365 F1 – New Feature

On September 25 ,2017 Microsoft unveiled a great new feature called Microsoft 365 F1. This new feature combines Office365, Windows 10 Enterprise and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Microsoft 365 F1 provides retail, deployment, and packaged solutions opportunities. Additionally, Microsoft’s vision with this new feature is to involve the Firstline Workforce in digital transformation by empowering every worker with technology.

Per Microsoft, the new feature provides the following advantages:

Foster culture and community.
Connect the first line workforce to the company’s strategic vision, enabling decision making, innovation, and action.

Train and upskill employees.
Help employees gain and apply new skills through effective training and upskilling programs. Drive improvements in loyalty, talent, employee retention, and performance.

Digitize business processes.
Optimize and automate business processes to improve customer experience.

Deliver real-time expertise.
Transform the access to, and the application and availability of real-time expertise to solve business problems through modern tools.

Minimize risk and cost.
Extend protection to all employees, endpoints, and environments to keep customer data, company data, and IP secure—without impeding productivity.

Note, Enterfusion is now able to provide this service for all clients.

For more information on this new feature please click here.