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SpaceX Starman


SpaceX launched a ‘Starman’ into Space!

History was made Tuesday, February 6th when the most powerful operational rocket in the world was launched into space at Cape Canaveral in Florida. SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk developed what is widely known as the Falcon Heavy. Comprised of three boosters and nine engines each, the rocket is able to lift into orbit nearly 141,000 pounds. Incredibly, the rocket was built for a risky test flight and Musk only believed there was a 50% chance of success for the operation.

Not only was Musk successful with the rocket launch, he was also successful in putting a ‘Starman’ into space. In reality it was just a mannequin wearing an official SpaceX crew flight suit that is intended for testing purposes for potential use in the future. The goal for the suit is to be used to bring real people to space. Per Musk “I mean, it’s a dangerous trip, you want to look good. It’s easy to make a spacesuit that looks good but doesn’t work; it’s really hard to make a spacesuit that works, and looks good.” The suit has a sleek design and is the complete opposite of what we are used to seeing. However sleek the suit may look, it will still have to pass NASA’s requirements if it is to be used for future missions.

So basically, there is a car in space right now! Musk said the car will likely end up further into the solar system than originally planned, meaning it is nearly impossible to track where Starman is now. However, this launch propels the dream into a new orbit. And who knows, maybe we will be visiting the moon, possibly as soon as this year?

For more information and videos of the launch, please visit the SpaceX website by clicking here.