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Office 365 and Cyber Security Training

Recently, Enterfusion was invited to a local conference to train some of our current clients on Office 365 and Cyber Security best practices. We love teaching and having knowledgeable clients helps us do our job better, so we jumped at the chance to do some training. We created a PowerPoint presentation in order to better facilitate learning. The presentation went so well that we thought all of our clients could benefit from the information contained in the presentation.  You can access the PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the link below.

We cover the following topics in this presentation:

  • What is OneDrive?
    • Common tasks in OneDrive
    • Accessing OneDrive from anywhere
    • Share or revoke sharing of OneDrive files
  • What is SharePoint?
    • The different between OneDrive and SharePoint
    • Syncing SharePoint
    • Sharing, uploading, and collaborating in SharePoint
    • SharePoint version history
  • Skype
    • Key features of Skype
    • Adding and communicating with contacts
    • Instant messaging, video conferencing, and screen sharing with Skype
  • Cyber Security
    • What is Phishing?
    • Types of Phishing and how to avoid
    • What is Multi-factor Authentication?
    • Password Security do’s and don’ts