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How To Secure Your Business Against A Cyber Attack

Chip Flaw

Review this infographic to see if your business is prepared for a cyber attack.

Many of us think we are ready for the next big cyber attack– until it actually happens. There is a lot more that goes into cyber security than you realize. Just like a home, you need to make sure your network is protected on multiple fronts. That means doing everything you can to make it difficult for them to get in and, in the event that they do get in, you are immediately notified. If they do get in, you’ll want to make sure your data is backed up. We’ve all heard the stories of the time and data lost to cyber criminals. Follow these steps from Solarwinds to make sure you’re covered.

For more information on how to protect your business, refer to our blog on 2-factor authentication and our blog on ransomware attacks. A secure network is only as strong as it’s weakest link. To protect against social engineering, make sure your employees are trained on proper procedures. A good place to start with employee training is our blog on Cyber Security Training.

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