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Windows 7 End of Support

Windows 7 Support Ends January 2020

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Operating System (OS) will reach End of Support on January 14, 2020. This means no updates, no patches for security vulnerabilities, no feature enhancements, and should you have any issues, Microsoft will not offer support. As a result, using this –or any unsupported OS– leaves your business vulnerable to attack and exploitation, not to mention lost user productivity. To put it simply, any computer still running Windows 7 in January 2020 will be at risk. Thankfully, there are several solutions to this.


If you are using a workstation running Windows 7, here are your options:

  • Upgrade your OS to Windows 10 Pro
    • This is the cheapest of the options as Microsoft does not charge to upgrade, though you may be charged standard upgrading costs from your IT service provider. This option is only available if your computer originally shipped with Windows 10. Upgrading is only an option for computers sold in mid-2015 or newer. If you’re not sure whether this applies to your computer you can check the original specs by using your computer serial number to do a warranty look up. Only some manufacturers, like Dell, offer this. If you are an Enterfusion client, you can also just reach out to us and we’ll advise.
  • Purchase a new Windows 10 Pro License
    • This is recommended if your computer did not originally ship with Windows 10 and it is still under warranty or within a year of the warranty expiration. Purchasing a new license is in the middle cost wise, as the Windows 10 Pro Licenses will set you back $199.99.
  • Purchase a new computer
    • All new business class Dell and HP computers come with Windows 10 Pro installed. If your computer has been out of warranty for more than one year and it didn’t originally ship with Window 10 Pro, chances are that it is closing in on 4 – 5 years old and experiencing other issues due to age. If this is the case, your best bet is to just replace the computer.
Next Steps

Since support will end on the same day for everyone, there could be a delay for those waiting till the last minute to transition. Start planning your transition now to avoid delays. In December 2018, Enterfusion sent out a list to all clients of workstations still running Windows 7 with individual recommendations for each affected workstation. If you are not sure whether your computer was on that list, you can reach out to your IT Coordinator to find out. If you are not currently an Enterfusion client but would like help with the Windows 7 transition, you can reach out to us by filling out this contact form.

Other Microsoft End of Support Dates

Below is a complete list of announced Microsoft End of Support dates.

Office and Windows

Microsoft Office

  • Office 2010 – October 13, 2020
  • Web Apps Server 2013  – April 11, 2023
  • Office 2016 – October 14, 2025


Microsoft Windows

  • Windows 7 – January 14, 2020
  • Windows 8.1 – January 10, 2023
  • Windows 10, version 1709 – April 9, 2019


Microsoft Windows Server

  • Windows Server 2008 – January 14, 2020
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 – January 14, 2020
  • Windows Server 2012 – October 10, 2023
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 – January 10, 2023
  • Windows Server 2016 – January 11, 2027

Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Exchange Server 2010 – January 14, 2020
  • Exchange Server 2016 – October 14, 2025

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