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Tropical Storm Dorian

Tropical Storm Dorian

Disaster Information & Planning

Tropical Storm Dorian is currently estimated to make landfall in Florida this weekend and could strengthen to a hurricane before it makes landfall in Florida. In order to ensure the best service, we want to begin communicating with our clients regarding tropical storm/hurricane preparedness as well as reviewing existing disaster recovery plans. You can stay up-to-date on the status of Tropical Storm Dorian through the National Hurricane Center.

What effect will Tropical Storm Dorian have on Enterfusion’s operations?

Rest assured, Enterfusion has a thorough disaster recovery plan in place.  By design, our company operates completely on multi-homed cloud based servers making a physical location nonessential. Hosted at Amazon’s Oregon and Virginia hardened data-centers, our email, ticket management, and remote monitoring/repair systems are immune to natural disasters. In addition, we have an agreement with facilities in two different geographic locations to which we can move our staff should a long term outage occur. In the immediate term, our staff each possess secured mobile devices in which they can operate from any location with power and an internet connection. We will have all of our staff on standby during and after the storm to assist our clients. During the storm, we will have a crew operating to assist our out of state clients for business as usual and the remaining staff will join once emergency travel orders are rescinded. Please note, all phone calls will be sent to voicemail which will automatically generate a ticket during and immediately after the storm. This is part of our disaster response plan so we can efficiently sort and prioritize responses. We recommend emailing helpdesk@ rather than calling to increase efficiency and reduce the response time of your issue.

How should you prepare?

Each client in the potential hurricane path will get a direct communication from us regarding recommended site preparations based on assessments of your site as well as operational requirements. If required, we will also commence remote shutdown of onsite systems at negotiated times. Typical preparations will include some or all of the following:

  • Ensure all workstations/laptops are elevated off of the floor and powered off.
  • Any computer equipment directly near a window should be moved or wrapped with light plastic. DO NOT WRAP EQUIPMENT THAT IS ONLINE – HEAT BUILDUP MAY CAUSE DAMAGE OR EVEN FIRE! Plastic should be removed before equipment is brought back online.  
  • All surge protectors should be put in the off position where applicable. Systems without a surge protector should have a surge protector added or the equipment should be unplugged from the wall.
  • Your internal servers should be shutdown if applicable. Most of our clients have been migrated to cloud servers so this will not be a common concern. Cloud servers will stay online through the storm, providing essential communications between employees.
  • Place a thin plastic barrier over any critical network racks and secure them with painter’s tape. DO NOT PLACE BARRIER OVER EQUIPMENT THAT IS ONLINE – HEAT BUILDUP MAY CAUSE DAMAGE OR EVEN FIRE! Plastic should be removed before equipment is brought back online.
  • Ensure your disaster recovery team members have updated contact information and role assignments.
  • Have your web developer prepare pre-built emergency messages to keep customers and employees informed (closed, open for business, etc) so they can be quickly deployed to your website following the event.  It is highly recommended someone out of the path of the storm has access to update your website.
  • Ensure your disaster recovery team shares with staff members what method(s) of communication will be available after the disaster. Some critical information will need to be conveyed such as: office status/closure; temporary relocation; employees unable to report to work; operational changes; etc. Please note, voice calls are typically unreliable after a major event and are difficult to sort/manage therefore are not recommended for post disaster communications. We highly recommend email as it will be far more reliable and accessible to most people.
  • Generate and secure the following items in an offsite trusted fire/water proof safe or bank deposit box:
    • Digital pictures of physical assets/inventory for insurance purposes on USB stick
    • Printed report of physical assets/inventory
    • Printed copy of disaster recovery plan
    • Printed report of employee contact information
    • Printed report of all vendor contacts and account numbers (power, water, gas, fire alarm, hvac, EIN, insurances, etc)

What to expect after the storm?

After a tropical storm/hurricane, the most common problem will be reliable power and internet. We will work with your internet/phone carriers as soon as these issues are detected by our monitoring platform. Your emergency response team members, as defined in your disaster recovery plan, should contact us as soon as they are able to give an update on power and facility conditions following the event. Your team should immediately reach out to power companies to re-establish power if applicable.  In the event there is facility damage, you should contact us to dispatch a technician to analyze/procure replacement equipment. Dispatch will be based on any existing city/state travel restrictions as well as road conditions. Enterfusion will work with your insurance carrier to get your systems back online as soon as possible or relocate equipment as needed. For clients undamaged by the storm, please undo all physical preparations and plug equipment back in to resume normal operations.