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How to Become a Tech Friendly Business: Problems and Solutions

Source: Medium.com

Technology is everchanging and adapting. The task of implementing and understanding the immense amount of information and processes that come along with tech can be daunting. Nevertheless, the demand for technology being implemented into businesses nowadays is extreme. If your company is to grow whilst still managing customers’ data and meeting their needs, upgrading and implementing certain new technology will be a necessity for your business. These are the biggest challenges companies face when turning their business tech friendly and how you can overcome them:

Employee Pushback

“My employees aren’t eager to start using more tech in the workplace, they don’t want to struggle with new systems or risk any sensitive information being handled incorrectly online.”This is, understandably, a major concern for businesses starting to implement tech. Employee pushback is frustrating and has to be handled by a decisive leader. Keep your employees informed throughout the process. Making sure your employees are involved in the transition will help them understand the processes and why they are in place. Knowledge is power and will help your employees make the transition.

Lack of Expertise

“I know it’s important nowadays to use tech in the workplace, but I don’t know much about this tech stuff and I’m worried that my inexperience will put my company at risk during the transition.”Leading a digital initiative can be a difficult endeavor, especially if you do not have prior knowledge of the tech you are trying to implement. Not all companies have the expertise internally to handle a digital transformation. It is suggested that you look outward for people who can provide the experience you’ll need and who are capable of leading and working with your company during the transition. Sometimes an IT company can even help you manage your budget for the transition, saving you valuable time and money.

Upgrading Concerns

“What if the newest tech isn’t what I want? What if I’m worried about systems getting backed up with all of these upgrades? Remember, it’s not about more technology or even the newest technology. It’s about including technology within your business in order to effectively simplify processes and manage consumer data and other information. Your company may not need the newest software; it helps to work with someone who is experienced with tech and can help you decide what your company really needs.

Data Security

“How can I make sure all of our company information and profiles are safe? With everything being digital aren’t we at greater risk for attacks?” Cybersecurity is vital when going digital. It is imperative that you provide proper training on cybersecurity whilst introducing your employees to new tech. As for the safety of your data, you must have appropriate security processes in place. Researching ways to stay protected will be a huge help during the transition and can put your mind at ease.


Although the task of going digital can be intimidating, there are resources available to help you through the venture. Make sure you are involved in the process and are informed of the changes being made. The rewards your company will garner from this change will make all of the stresses worth it