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Myths and Realities of Hiring an MSP

IT is a major part of any business, but the management of IT can be a difficult venture for businesses with little knowledge or experience handling IT. It may be time to put your network management and data in the hands of a Managed Service Provider (MSP). From live helpdesk support to managing servers and desktops to instituting antivirus solutions, some company leaders choose to simplify their day-to-day IT operations by outsourcing these tasks to MSPs. MSPs are a valuable addition to any business, but there are many misapprehensions surrounding outsourcing your IT.

Myth: Managed IT services are for big businesses.

Reality: There are numerous benefits to companies of all sizes when outsourcing their IT management. Since MSPs provide critical insight to IT issues and can provide cost effective solutions to modernizing processes companies with just 10 users of more are justified in outsourcing their IT management. Certain businesses believe that due to high cost outsourcing IT services are a luxury only big businesses can afford. In reality, outsourcing IT can save companies more money in the long run, and if you have found the right MSP to work with your company then they will work with you to cut costs and ensure you’re only paying for what you need, making IT managing services  an essential tool for growing a business.

Myth: Outsourcing IT is Expensive.

Reality: The right IT company is able to work with you to cut unnecessary costs. IT management isn’t about extra frivolous costs spent on the newest tech. Instead it is about providing your company with the specific updated services it requires to smooth technical processes, as well as focusing on IT management and safety. These expenses can be specific to your company, making sure you’re only paying for what your company needs.

Myth: Hiring an IT Company will Slow Down our Business.

Reality: IT Companies can help your business maximize efficiency and deal with IT issues quickly. The frustrations of staying on hold for hours or navigating a difficult automated directory just trying to get ahold of  a person don’t need to be a part of hiring an MSP. Businesses like Enterfusion prioritize customer service and can boast of their quick response times. Your time is precious and there is no need to deal with stalled time due to IT issues when a tech can respond and help you solve the issues quickly and efficiently.  MSP’s like Enterfusion will even save you time by managing and calling 3rd party providers for you so that you don’t have to.

Myth: Overtime IT Companies will Prioritize new clients over current business.

Reality: IT Companies should continue to work with you to ensure every client need is addressed. There is a misconception about MSPs being there for the initial work and then prioritizing new tech, new systems, and new customers. The right MSP will treat you as a partner in mutual success. They work with you continually and will consider every customer need when considering what your company’s IT network may be lacking. Your IT company should work with you over time to ensure every need is met, their dedication to your company, and those dependent on it, will only grow over time.