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Our motto is “big enough to deliver, small enough to care.”  This motto easily defines our company.  It permeates our staffs’ attitude, striving to provide the best customer experience and technical support in our industry.  We care about our clients’ success and have a vested interest in making that happen. Enterfusion’s important role is to make “IT” happen so our clients don’t have to!

Our Team

Our Team


Enterfusion was started in 2008 when Mike Johnson saw that medium sized businesses in the area were lacking access to cost-effective, enterprise experienced consultants.  In an environment where businesses previously had only the choice of bulky entrenched service providers, or one-man shops; Enterfusion was able to grow exponentially.  As the company grew, the company needed more administrative structure.  To fill that need, in 2015, Mr. Johnson decided to promote long time employee, Andy Merendino, to VP and Senior Project Manager.  With Mr. Johnson and Mr. Merendino at the helm, the business was prepared to grow even faster than before.

Growing from servicing just a handful of businesses in the Orlando area just 10 years ago, Enterfusion now has over 50 clients across several states. Additionally, our Help Desk services 1500 systems and revenue is on track to grow by over 50% this year.


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Leading Innovation

As one of the first MSP’s to adopt the SLA model, Enterfusion is on the leading edge of innovation in the IT industry. The SLA model not only saves us time, but it allows us to fix systems before they break. Thereby, saving our customers time and money. In fact, our customers save 20%, on average, by implementing our SLA. That’s because we not only manage their day-to-day IT needs, we also renegotiate all of their existing contracts so that they see an even greater cost saving across all tech related expenses.


Fast Response Times

Enterfusion strives for the lowest down time in the IT industry. We know that the less time our clients are down, the faster they can grow. We guarantee a four business hour response time for tickets of high severity; although, our average response time is 13 minutes. In fact, 80% of tickets receive an immediate response! Even tickets with low priority have an average response time of less than 1 hour. We make sure we are available to our clients from morning till evening and we always have someone on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Satisfied customers

From the beginning, Enterfusion has received all of its clients by word-of-mouth recommendations. It means a lot to us that our clients like us so much that they recommend us to their friends and colleagues. On top of that, we have a 99% retention rate with all our clients and a 100% retention rate clients that implement the SLA. We always strive to make sure our clients happy.

Our Clients are located all over the United States!

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