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Consultation Services

Your network might be performing well today, but is that the optimum performance? Is it prepared to meet the requirements of your organization’s current, short-term, and long-term growth strategy? Is there some inefficiency or oversight, just waiting to show up as a network crisis?

With this in mind, a proactive network assessment is important to have for a complete understanding of existing inefficiencies. These inefficiencies could be a potential threat to data security, network availability, performance, and cost optimization. Similarly, it is important to ensure that the network is robust and scalable. In fact, this is optimal in order to match up to the existing and future needs of your business.

Network Assessment Services

  • Complete assessment of network
  • Device configurations, and its inconsistencies
  • Information Validation of design against new and existing requirements
  • Logical drawings and traffic flows by application
  • Recommendations for bandwidth based on application
  • Readiness for network upgrade to support/roll out new applications

Typical Situations for an Assessment

  • Accurate baseline of network state for smart decision-making about planned modifications or new technologies.
  • Clear insight into entire network bandwidth utilization by application.
  • Early warning that helps avoid network crises
  • Identifies network performance and availability issues
  • Establishes the direction for planning a network that supports future business and technology requirements.

Network Assessment Advantages

  • Network life event (merger/acquisition, relocation, migration, technology addition)
  • Need for independent validation of current infrastructure or future plans
  • Network expansion or modification
  • Performance and reliability problems with applications running on the network
  • E-business application implementation
  • Bandwidth capacity planning for both application and network support
  • Need to decrease overall network cost


  • Statement of Network Requirements documented
  • Network discovery including: topology map, local traffic pattern analysis, component level inventory, router
  • A network assessment report documenting our findings, identifying the gaps between actual design and user/business requirements and our recommendations.
  • Detailed reports about network strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.
  • Specific strategies to improve performance, reliability, availability and security.
  • An assessment of your overall networking capabilities which take into consideration technology maturity, IT people skills, training, and IT processes
  • Review of network design including topology, IP addressing, routing, security, physical and logical redundancy, and load balancing
  • Identification of opportunities for network consolidation, simplification and cost reduction