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Cabling and Hardware Services


Unorganized cabling can cause network downtime and serious workflow disruptions. Structured cabling is often the answer to optimum network performance.

Additionally, structured cabling enables network design to scale up to your organizational growth requirements. It provides easy troubleshooting and can support future applications with little or no system upgrades. Enterfusion is a one-stop-shop for all your organizational network requirements.

Our team of skilled technicians install low voltage cables per ANSI, TIA, and EIA standards. This ensures consistent performance for cables across all locations. As a matter of fact, we have successfully designed and built flexible infrastructures nationwide. We offer structured cabling systems that support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems.

Types of Cables We Install


Copper solutions for diverse and environmentally demanding applications. Such applications typically require adherence to strict performance criteria.


Conventional and blown fiber cabling solutions that will deliver a future-proof infrastructure.

Low Voltage

Cat6 and Cat5e cabling that is used for music and paging systems, CCTV and security systems, fire alarms and access control systems.


Enterfusion uses a plethora of hardware. This ensures clients are well equipped for the business at hand. Whether your business entails massive battery backups for SpaceX, wireless communications across all 18-holes at a country club, or servers for MRI Imaging, we’ve got you covered.  Our expert purchasing and implementations teams have the knowledge and skills to make sure your needs are met.



The demand for wireless networks has been fueled by the increased use of wireless devices such as laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones as an integral part of business operations. To meet the demand for increased worker mobility, wireless technology has reached a new level of sophistication.  After a thorough assessment, Enterfusion designs, purchases, installs and maintains wireless networks for dozens of clients. Enterfusion is here to ensure the best practices for wireless security are implemented.

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