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Support Services

Excellence in business performance necessitates an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure, high performance, and the secure flow of data across the enterprise. The need for zero-error, low-delay data communication has also become more important. That is why it is more important than ever to have reliable and knowledgeable IT support.

In today’s high tech world, many businesses rely heavily on an efficient and secure network. They need a seasoned provider like Enterfusion to design, implement and support their IT infrastructure. Enterfusion provides intelligently designed IT infrastructure, which allows enterprises to meet their ever-changing business needs.

Furthermore, Enterfusion is a leading provider of network consulting and implementation services. We have a highly successful record of providing end-to-end network services to prestigious clients across multiple industries and geographies. With both on site and remote connection options, we can provide your specific needed IT services nationwide.

  • Leading provider in network services
  • Support all major vendor products
  • Rich domain and technical expertise in evaluating and configuring the client’s network
  • Talented team of certified network engineers and systems architects.
  • Successful history of offering network services to clients in industries such as finance, IT, government, legal, retail and hospitality.

PerfectivePlus SLA

Having a fully dedicated team of professionals to support your network while saving money sounds like a luxury, but in today’s highly connected world, remote network support offers the flexibility and cost savings to make it fiscally possible. Our services allow organizations to focus on their mission-critical tasks.

Enterfusion’s PerfectivePlus service is delivered in the form of a Service Level Agreement that both the client and Enterfusion agree to. PerfectivePlus provides IT support resources to perform remote network changes, technical research, and technology consulting for issues that affect your network. As primary support, a back-up plan, or to enhance your current team, small and mid-size companies can count on our team of experts.


  • Problem isolation and resolution
  • Change management support
  • Strategic planning
  • Flexible coverage options
  • Optional 2-hour response time
  • Optional service provider contract negotiation


  • Technical research
  • Customized service delivery
  • Lab and network test centers
  • End-to-end service capabilities
  • One-stop shop for technology experts
  • Rapid solutions to network problems
  • Low cost network support
  • After hours support
  • Quick consultation to reduce downtime


  • Business and technical advice
  • Industry expertise
  • On-Demand Consulting
  • Leading technology
  • Proven methodology
  • Senior consultants
  • Vendor neutrality